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Tactical Data Link Integration and User Interfaces for Air-to-Ground Targeting

SerialD2. Metadata add-on for modern FMV applications without the need for additional cables. Allows a C2 node to monitor data from multiple FMV feeds in a net-centric manner.

Generic Host Jockey. Brings the flexibility of J-Series SADL Messages to a ground user. Communicate with all A-10s and F-16 Block 30s as well as many special aircraft with the most robust, user friendly data link in the inventory today. Interfaces all systems designed to communicate over CoT XML, including Falconview, C2PC, vISR, and Sentry.

Link 16. Interface any CoT XML based user applications directly with a Link-16 terminal such as the Small Tactical Terminal (STT).

ANW2 user interfaces – leveraging

SA mode integration for airborne tracking of friendly forces

Link 16 user interfaces

Digital Targeting Suites

Moving map GUIs-LRF interfacing-data link connectivity.

Survey Tool

Allow both tactical and permissive surveyors to focus more on data collection and less on application training with this Falconview based survey generator. Build Autocad output without touching Autocad, build PDF and Form Flow output without touching a form.

Smart Phone (DROID) Tactical Applications

Replace field laptops with handheld smart phones, while retaining digital targeting and C2 functionality – i.e. HPW, SA-mode, moving map targeting suites.