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UASs (Unmanned Aerial Systems)

Silver-Fox-Camp-Roberts9GMECI has extensive experience flying the Silver Fox UAV performing ISR (intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance) missions in support of Coalition forces around the globe.


GMECI provides aircraft and sensor technicians of the highest caliber for overseas contracts. All of our maintenance technicians have current clearances. We specialize in maintaining high resolution EO/IR sensors, and twin and single-engine military and contracted aircraft.


Fighter and Attack Pilot Training

Courseware development: GMECI will customize a training syllabus to meet your specific mission needs. Through our decades of combat experience in fighter and attack aircraft, and in refining air-to-air and air-to-ground tactics, we can build courseware for an existing training program, or develop an entire program from scratch. We will also build course modules for specific mission areas such as Combat Search and Rescue, Precision Weapon Employment, and Dynamic Targeting.

Combat Search and Rescue

CSAR-hoist-ops2GMECI will develop a custom syllabus for your CSAR needs. Our cadre consist of former Weapons School CSAR instructors in both fixed and rotary wing platforms. Our former USAF Pararescue instructors have extensive recent experience in real-world CSAR and civil rescue operations in the most hostile locations on earth.

Digital Targeting

GMECI’s digital targeting team consists of the original developers and operators of the USAF’s BAO Kit, SerialD and SerialD2 metadata add-on for modern FMV applications, and the Generic Jockey user interface developed for air-to-ground SADL operations. Our team was also instrumental in the first operational tests of ANW2 and SA-mode for air-to-ground operations.

  • SADL for air-to-ground operations
  • ANW2
  • SerialD2
  • SA-mode
  • BAO Kit/BareBack


A-10-close-upInstructors: Top JTAC-Evaluator/Instructors and fighter pilots from throughout US armed forces. JTAC-Es/-Is are all proven Tier 1 and Tier 2 SOF operators. Most of our pilots are graduates of the USAF Weapons School, or the U.S. Navy’s Top Gun. Many of our instructors were instrumental in developing cutting edge tactics and procedures in use today by the world’s most elite forces, and helped develop JTAC courses for the DOD and Coalition allies. GMECI’s instructors are experts in the newest targeting technologies. All have multiple, front-line combat deployments, some as recently as within the past year.

Courses of Instruction: Basic, Combat-Ready, and Advanced. All courses can be tailored to the customer’s unique mission requirements:

  • Basic: GMECI will develop a basic JTAC course in compliance with JFCOM and NATO standards.
  • Combat-Ready: Our Combat-Ready course is ideal for units in their final pre-deployments stA-10-shooting-gun-over-trees-150x150ages. We take a modular approach, with course lengths varying from 5-days to 4 weeks in urban, rural, MOA and range settings. The CR course can be overlaid on existing unit level training events and exercises, providing a more realistic environment for not only the JTACs, but Ground Commanders and the entire of the assault force. We have provided this CR training to US Navy SEALs for the past several years with resounding success, and unmatched customer satisfaction.
  • Advanced: This training is offered to more experienced JTACs, and focuses on complex air-to-ground missions such as clandestine personnel tracking and interdiction, digitally-aided CAS, congested airspace management, collateral damage mitigation, in-depth target analysis, etc.

Training Event scheduling and coordination. GMECI will coordinate all aspects of your upcoming CAS training event to include: range scheduling; flying unit coordination and aircraft scheduling; scenario development and management; OPFOR.

Tactical Communications Course

Grounafghan-op1-150x150d-to-ground and ground-to-air Tactical Communications: GMECI’s 40-hour tactical communications course was developed to rapidly prepare government and military tactical operators with little or no prior radio communications experience. We provide ground operators basic through intermediate instruction in radio operation, programming, troubleshooting, and crypto loading and safeguarding. Our focus is to give operators the ability to confidently operate today’s complex portable radios in non-permissive environments, so they become true force multipliers on the battlefield.

Other communicator skills: The 40-hour tactical communications course also includes satellite communications (SATCOM) basics, introduction to High Performance Waveform (HPW), vehicular and dismounted equipment setup, and an introduction to FalconView vehicle navigation. GMECI also provides intermediate and advanced training blocks on these advanced communications skills, and others, such as Harris’ new ANW2 and SA-mode tactical data links.


Tactical Employment: GMECI’s course of instruction for employment of tactical UASs was developed in response to a need to prepare personnel with minimal prior UAV experience, in a short time (<2 months). Our approach is to build on a strong foundation in aviation theory, with structured, hands-on training in operations, troubleshooting, and tactics. Students are fully prepared for combat and contingency deployments immediately upon graduation.

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